Trust Structures

At ARG Capital we assess companies and trustees
to restructure different types of trusts.

cuadradoFinancial Trust

Is a procedure that can be used by businesses to obtain financing by segregating a determined amount of their assets whose yield will serve to pay back the funds received for the securities issued; at the same time, these assets constitute the basic guarantee of compliance to the accepted payment obligations.
Unlike ordinary trusts, the trustee of a financial trust has to be a financial institution or a society authorized by the National Securities Commission to act as a financial trustee and the beneficiaries are owners/holders of the certificate of participation in the trustee domain or representative certificates of guaranteed debt with the conveyed assets. The certificates and the deeds of debt can be issued with or without public offering.

cuadradoOrdinary Trust

Is a contract by means of which a person (physical or legal entity) called “Trustor” conveys the property of an asset, money and/or rights –present or future—to a person (physical or legal entity) denominated “Trustee” so those goods can be administered or invested according to what’s stipulated in a specific contract in favor of the same trustor or a third party called “Beneficiary”.


cuadradoGuarantee Trust

It is the structure by which the trustor conveys a good to trust property for the trustee, guaranteeing an obligation that continues to be in favor of a third party. The of the Trustor is solely the formal tenure of trust assets, so that in the event of a non-compliance of the endorsed obligation on behalf of the trustee, the assets can be liquidated and obligation paid for. The conveyed good can be movable or immovable or intangible (i.e. brands).

cuadradoAdministration Trust

Are deeds of trust in which the holder (trustee) transfers the property or assets, so that they can administer them professionally and, in accordance with the established contract, will receive the benefits as the beneficiary.

Representative Transactions